Iran’s Satanic Mullahs Use Religion

There are a handful of Persian specialists who truly understand the theocratic, political nature of the Iranian regime.  Amir Taheri is one of them.  Abbas Milani at Hoover is another.  Both men understand the relation between expressed autocratic power and the need for legitimacy, for the social, geopolitical undercurrent of the Iranian regime is permanently weak.  The west struggles with these admonitions, for we’re constantly seeking to validate an illusive, non-existent reality in Iranian political life:  moderates.

The regime, by its very nature has executed any/all counter-revolutionary classes.  There aren’t any moderates left.  Why is the term used?  Its sole criteria is discerned from the animus of propaganda Tehran weaves as it engages those outside its orbit; its a measuring tool the Mullahs use to gauge favorable sycophants that reside throughout the west.  Anyone with real knowledge of Iran knows just how Satanic these clowns are.

With the death of Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani in January, Khamenei (the Supreme autocratic ruler) is seeking to paper over Iran’s Constitutional mechanism for choosing a successor.  What the west refuses to acknowledge is that the Assembly of Experts has never really been responsible for choosing the Supreme Guide.  Let’s review.

Iran’s previous leader Seyyed Mohammed Katami claimed for years that the regime in Tehran never used the Assembly of Experts to choose Iranian leadership.

By any measure, Iran’s first Supreme Guide was Ayatollah Ruhallah Khomeini, but he was never voted in by the Assembly of Experts, he simply overwhelmed all opposition, murdering everyone who challenged him.  Khomeini declared himself Imam and acted as if he had divine mandate.  Historically, the Iranian regime is secular that uses a religious mandate.  For the Mullahs in Iran, the mosque has been annexed by the State and those that wish to rule autocratically.  Logically, the Supreme Guide isn’t the top Mullah either.

Even the Ayatollah Khomeini had extremely limited, cursory understanding of Persian and Arabic, meaning he never attained any rank within the Shi’ite clerical hierarchy.  He simply arrived and set up a theocratic regime resembling Stalin.

The race is on to choose Iran’s current leader.  By any measure, the regime in Iran is weak, divided and Satanic; something that happened 100 years ago in Russia.

We’re failing if we don’t take the fight to these clowns.

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