Sinn Fein & Unification of Ireland

The Brexit will not be violent, except on England’s periphery;  the Continents fault lines actually run in England’s rear.  This was evidenced in the 1921 when London was forced to partition Ireland while seeking to redress Germany’s rise, fearing any flanking option by superior Continental powers, England’s own Elizabethan foreign policy of tying down Catholic Emperors deep into the Hanoverian Teutonic highlands worked until the beginning of the 20th century.  The partitioning of Ireland would only serve England’s interests so long as India was subjugated.  Fixed exchange rates, Imperial rule and large colonial exports all ended with the interwar years.  The small wars of former dependencies truly rocked Paris (Algerian War of Independence, Vietnam. . ) London (partitioning of India, Pakistan), but nothing eviscerated England more than The Troubles, the I.R.A. and the ethno-nationalist war of separatism that became the partitioning of Ireland.

Although the Thirty Years War is the global context for understanding this rivalry, it fares that Tutor policy would find its true resonance with Victoria.  The hijacking of Dutch Orangemen with Presbyterian Scots in England’s north were the proxies serving Whitehall since Henry VIII.  The ambitions of indigenous Irish would be frustrated throughout the late 19th early 20th centuries until Thatcher, where Soviet policy of splitting the Atlantic Alliance would presage a satanic turn inward, here the I.R.A. would embody a truly Republican threat that every British Monarch warned of since Henry’s rule.

Why is this important today?

The northern Presbyterian Scots-Irish (Orangemen) has really been abandoned by Westminster, because of it, they now feel like besieged settlers.  The recent elections held in Northern Ireland  have brought Sinn Fein (the I.R.A. political wing) within one parliamentary seat of dominance.

The Unionists (the Presbyterian Scots Irish-Orangemen) are led by the Democratic Unionist Party, lost their overall majority they’ve held since the partition of Ireland in 1921.  Turnout was huge and both sides scored large increases in voter registration, but Sinn Fein is now about to clench what was denied Charles Parnell.

Although Westminster permitted a reduction in the number of parliamentary seats from 108 to 90, this contributed to a lowering of tally’s for the Democratic Unionist Party & the Ulster Unionists; Sinn Fein (the I.R.A. nationalist party) surged throughout the campaign.

Sinn Fein’s President Gerry Adams said “the notion of a permanent or perpetual unionist majority has been demolished.”

The northern Protestants are abandoned, weak, divided and fearful of having to recognize that they’ve simply been out maneuvered.  Westminster wants political devolution to continue, effectively abandoning direct rule from England.

A new political landscape is emerging from the partition.  Time has been on the side of Irish nationalist terror.3a

(To eliminate any confusion, the picture above isn’t an IRA terrorist, its an Orangeman seeking revenge through public terror, execution of Catholic civilians.  Those who wear the masks in northern Ireland are the minorities!!  This insight is lost on American’s.)

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