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Thomas Sowell, Determinism & Enoch Powell

A few weeks ago a great man decided not to write anymore.  Residing as Chair and Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution in Palo Alto, California, Dr. Sowell’s gift is to write engagingly clear prose on the geopolitical, social and … Continue reading

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The Garden of Finzi Contini & The Praetorians

It was hard if not impossible for Churchill to conceive of political realities outside the commanding heights of imperialism.  Its writ had no hold on Ireland nor India.  It fell to Truman after Roosevelt to politely admonish him to conceive … Continue reading

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Failure. What Milton Friedman & Hayek Are Teaching ‘The Collective’ Today

The State of New York just made every State, City College & University FREE as of the fall of 2017.  We know from Milton Friedman’s achievement in monetarist thought that the fall of Communism, the collapse of collectivism was due … Continue reading

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The Political Challenge that is Irak

By any stretch, the last eight years was a disaster for U.S. Mesopotamian regional policy. Being handed a win in 2008, the Obama administration felt that its own ideological preference for appeasement was ratified, even though that policy sentiment was … Continue reading

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JOURNEY: Steve Perry, the Hall of Fame & the Price of Growth

Today in Brooklyn, JOURNEY was inducted into the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, for most fans the wait of eternity lifted and walking out on stage was an era that for most is unrepeatable.  Cleary, on stage for the … Continue reading

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The Moral Tragedy of the African National Congress

My aunt is buried in Botswana, I remember well the Soweto uprising and how South African security services were permanently aligned to Moscow’s geopolitical ambition to thwart, divide, disrupt the Atlantic alliance.  These were dangerous times, of Soviet subversion in … Continue reading

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Beijing’s Mercantilist Regime

Beijing wishes to sustain its side of the U.S. – China bilateral relation, Beijing cannot afford to find itself alienated because it cannot replace an American partner.  Beijing also has to recognize that it has already implicitly declared war against … Continue reading

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