Asia’s Future: Hindutva or Caliphate

Modi’s win in Uttar Pradesch brings coattails.  Most thought Modi’s rise could survive any blemish, nevertheless, we’re witnessing the limits of secular writ in India.  The rise of Modi cannot be laid at the feet of Amit Shah, Modi’s chief strategist, for India’s Congress Party is faltering badly much like Britain’s Labor.  Political environments matter, but so does leadership; for years now Modi’s rise was underwritten by sound institutional ground work supplemented by globalizations inroads throughout the Subcontinent.  India’s consciousness was always inward and positioned facing the Eurasian northwest passage, now its sprawling towards Mughal achievements in Swahili East Africa, Oman and most of the Arabian littoral.  Political leaders know of India’s passivity, they also trust its capitalist ethos.  That cannot be said of Beijing or Iran.

Having Amit Shah handpick candidates for India’s most populated Muslim state, Uttar Pradesh delivered Modi a writ of ascendancy that is currently questioning the Hindutva, the hegemony of India’s indigenous self-consciousness that is Hinduism.  Given the status of the neighborhood, this is very dangerous.

BJP’s momentus win since 2014 is validating Islamabad’s propaganda.  The message of pan-Hindu unity solidified in Uttar Pradesh does not help India’s self image abroad.  Caste based politics is purely domestic, but we should expect more militancy from Modi and his cohorts.  If anything, the Islamists in ascendancy throughout the northwest passage are being given a gift, Hindu militancy.  Samajwadi’s party will be measured in blood.  Just ask Kashmiri’s.

Modi’s BJP party hasn’t been able to translate its domestic reign into any majority outside its lower chamber.  This is because Indian politics resembles a feudal relation whereby business oligarchs reign both the upper chamber, multinationals and banks.  India’s upper chamber is selected by state assemblies, this opens insight into how Amit Shah progressed through Uttar Pradesh.  Yet it remains to be seen if Modi’s big ticket reform agenda remains legislatively stalled.  As of this writing, State banks and regulatory reform haven’t gained any traction.  Given vast geographic and institutional differences, we remain quite a few years away from what China achieved.

What would coalesce to bring Modi’s momentum down.  The answer is twofold.  Archaic atavism evidenced in party politics seeking reaction as solidarity.  The open killing of Indian Muslims putatively accused of cow slaughter is perennial.  Modi’s silence is damaging to Indian secularism.  Secondly, India remains a nation besieged in rivalry.  Even the social, political and economic continuity of the nation state is cut through with irregularity.  As Churchill said in London’s Constitutional Club in 1931, “India is a geographic term“, although he meant it pejoratively, the concept is evidenced in India’s Parliament.  The false cohesion underwriting so much of the nation remains forcibly contrived.

The movement of goods and taxes is similar.  Individual state prerogatives trump interstate commerce. Their simply isn’t anything resembling nationhood, just witness how the central bank continues to underwrite the profligacy of provincial debt creation.  The concept of parochialism is endemic to both the Congress Party and indigenous Indian politics.  Modi’s ascendancy can reverse these trends.

Why do Indian plutocrats put up with this scheme?  The answer is the archaic feudal mindset animating India’s upper chamber. They are oligarchs resembling defeated Brits.

If equality remains the fault line dividing Islamic Civilization, just wait until the west tries to wade into India’s socio-political mess called politics.

The future of Asia rests in whichever religion accommodates the demands of realism.  Its between India & Islam.

The Hindutva or the Caliphate.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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