Macron’s Tutorial: Raymond Aron & The Recovery of the Political

What did France do recently when it elected a novice like Macron.  The facts speak for themselves, he ran against a government he worked for, he spoke eloquently, engaging multiple sides of all issues presented to him, clearly an icon fit for television.  Yet the French have castrated themselves in honoring Macron as their leader.  A Socialist who continues to rail against France’s own indigenous polities, he’s pushing the very globalized politics that continue to ruin France.  Do they understand that only the French can fix themselves?  Do they comprehend what an every closer union means?

The scale of his win sacks Le Pen, but this electoral landslide will not transform France. Why?  Because the nations conservatives, the Republicans, haven’t gained traction on any reform initiatives.  As the dominant Socialist party was thrown out under Hollande, they actually sutured themselves to Macron’s candidacy.  The minion Macron will now suffer for his success.

By vanquishing the pretext of a perennial Gaullist threat, those Marxist parliamentarian companions have no reason to tie themselves to a novice without solid achievements.  If anything, the Islamists have been given a gift in Macron.

So what exactly happened in this election?

What happened was chronicled by France’s premiere scholar decades ago in his book titled “The Recovery of the Political“.  Raymond Aron sought to vanquish from France’s utopian mien, a love of abstractions.  By revealing the intrinsic paralyzing components of utopian ideologies, Aron was seeking to liberate France from the confines of mystification. For Aron, the entire edifice of ideology obfuscates, it never clarifies, it never arouses one in identification of formal or proximate causation.  To remain mystified was to embrace obscurantist tendencies that exacerbated political life in avoidance of resolution.

With Macron, the French identified with a politician who embraced the very policies that have destroyed France.  He ran against the record of a government he served.

How will this end?

My guess is that France has surrendered its sovereignty, it has deliberately sought to avoid the very cataclysm that envelops it; permanent unemployment, cash transfers as fiscal-monetary policies, unassimilated Islamists and open borders.

Perhaps the American’s should not worry about Iran possessing nuclear weapons, the Shia in Paris already have them.


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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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