What Is A Tory?

When Hayek wrote “Why I Am Not A Conservative“, he was referencing Tory leadership. This is often misunderstood by American liberals and conservatives.  Hayek implicitly knew that the American doctrine of natural rights possessed affinity with those mores needed for equity-capital formation, even though he despised Marxism, he also disliked Tories.  Why?

The answer is discerned in witnessing Theresa May’s recent call for elections.  She needs to dump every single Tory Europhile on her bench.  With this current majority, she’ll get slaughtered when the battle joins in Brussels.  The fear of sabotage is real, we’re witnessing a leader who openly trucked “remain“, now in charge of procuring a Brexit.

Her latest spat with her own Europhile Tory bench regarding health care funding specifically embodies a predicament that only she can resolve.  Hence the election.

The nasty truth is that the entire House of Lords is socialist and Tory maidens running the ruling establishment have never been market based fundamentalists.  This puts into relief the backdrop of Thatcher’s achievement as she railed against entrenched union membership and an openly socialist media commentariat.  Truth be told, it was Milton Friedman who sent Allan Meltzer to fortify Maggie’s limited formal grasp of neoclassical economics.  When the Times of London openly opined against Thatcher’s market based reforms it was Meltzer who took on and slaughtered established dandies of Keynesian kraft.

Thatcher’s achievement saved Britain.  Now Theresa May knows why the German’s referred to Maggie as the Iron Lady.


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Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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