Returning Home: Trump’s Learning Curve

By the time team Trump settles in from his trip to Riyadh, Rome and Brussels, he’ll have enough new insight into the reach and scope of his executive office than he’s ever had, now comes the hard part, how to apply it domestically.  By any raw calculation, he’s behind, trailing badly.  A shake up of his office staff will not be sufficient, what’s needed is a new Presidential tone regarding the gravity of U.S. policy traction.  We’re losing everywhere because for eight years we squandered capital.

What has team Trump learned upon arrival from abroad.  He’s learned that he can’t take for granted the control of the House anymore.  Without clear legislative wins in bold pastel colors, he’s toast and most members of the House already know it.

Trump has learned that he’ll need to break new ground if he’s to recover anything.  That means learning new skills.  It also means that the ground his opposition must tread isn’t favorable to them either.  If the opposition should gain more than 24 seats in the upcoming midterms, his presidency is over.  They’ll have impeachment lined majorities in both chambers along with chair residing over committees; the Dems will railroad everyone to achieve the destruction of team Trump.  But to do so, they’ll need to gain traction against those who gave Trump his win.

It isn’t clear that the Republic is tired of Trump.  Major media and the Democratic party may be setting themselves up again for slaughter.  Both the Republic and team Trump are out of time, if the Don is to dominate his rivals, he’ll need better preparation, finer execution, thicker skin and deft handling of both his domestic and international agenda.

Just ask Reagan in 1981.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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