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Xi Consolidates: China Stagnates

If self determination is the criteria for growth, China and other praetorian regimes throughout the world are going to have a tough time managing open political regimes with econometrics resembling autocracy.  The capital flows of globalization threatens these kind of … Continue reading

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Capricious Rule: ARAMCO’s IPO & the Static Ethics of Islamism

A reckoning is happening throughout the land of Ishmael; a summoning fit for a great statesman.  As of this writing, Crown Prince Muhammed bin Salman is vacillating, something great leaders don’t do in the service of great ideals.  The Arabs … Continue reading

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Dinosaurs Treading Water: IBM Inc.,

Let’s face it, in an age of economic repression, government is a competitor.  This remains the final explanation for why the U.S. economy is no longer dynamic.  The dismal rate of transformative companies and IPO’s match the reluctance contemporary c-suite … Continue reading

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China’s Slow Turn Toward Market Economy Status

When Xi consolidates his rule throughout the Party Congress this November 18, we should expect him to appoint a new Central Bank chair.  The success of Zhou Xiaochan, China’s current monetary authority will be a difficult act to follow.  Xiaochan was … Continue reading

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Wayne Lotter’s Death, Illicit African Ivory & Despotic Kingdoms

When Wayne Lotter was murdered in route to his hotel in Dar es Saalam, he was fighting pitched battles against Africa’s weak institutions and perennially corrupt regimes.  Brave throughout his life, Lotter suffered for his conviction that illicit African ivory … Continue reading

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