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Germany’s Secular Stagnation: Merkel

It really isn’t difficult to discern the source of Germany’s ailment, both political and economic.  For years now, U.S. and British Euroskeptics have sought to divine the source of Germany’s current account surplus.  Working Germans really don’t have the stomach … Continue reading

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Iranian Yemeni Houthis Checkmate the House of Saud

Having assassinated Ali Abdullah Saleh on December 04, Iranian Shia proxies on Arabia’s southern peninsula have fractured the very leadership required for Saudi leadership to begin consolidating feeble gains in a war dominated by aircraft. If the Iranian’s know anything … Continue reading

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Nostalgia: Remembrance of Time Past in Africa

Afrobarometer is a new polling company specializing in tracking public sentiment throughout the African continent regarding democracy, governance and public policy.  It recently polled Ethiopian sentiment about the murderous rule of Mengistu Haile Mariam, the Marxist dictatorship that introduced the … Continue reading

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Mandela’s Vision, the ANC & Surging Kleptocracy for South Africa

The African National Congress will convene today to elect new leadership that will most likely replace Zuma when he leaves office in 2019.  Two principal contender for party leadership are Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, the former wife and current leader of the … Continue reading

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