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How General Electric Seeks A Turnaround

Under Jack Welch, the market cap value of G.E. topped $400 billion, up from $15 billion. Today, under the leadership of Jeffrey Immelt, GE is the worst performing stock in the Dow Jones. Welch left behind three rules that GE … Continue reading

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Venezuela: Putin’s Proxy & OPEC Enabler

When Eulogia del Pino, Venezuela’s former oil minister was arrested in the early morning hours on November 30, he was replaced by general Manuel Quevedo who headed off to Vienna to be received by Russian & OPEC ministers.  With usual … Continue reading

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“White Monopoly Privilege” & Monetary Velocity, How Free Trade Can Unite the African Continent

The most efficient means of renewal is open, transparent removal of injury.  Affirming democratic means through an open confrontation with corruption affirms the very means that secure growth.  The African National Congress isn’t going to dismantle Zuma or his rule. … Continue reading

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