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Why Taxes Matter: Growth vs. Redistribution

My father often said:  sometimes its who’s talking not what’s said.  Leadership matters, that’s why its important to find the right person to listen to about taxation, because its a dangerous form of social engineering.  An overt ideological pretext isn’t … Continue reading

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Index Funds: Why Passive Investing Wins

Nothing threatened active fund managers more than passive index investing and the reach for yield under Bernanke & Yellen.  The closure of hedge funds and other active money managed businesses tied to the 1% is the collateral damage done by … Continue reading

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The Return of 19th Century Geopolitics

The explicit reality of ‘closed covenants’ is what drove the monarchies toward extinction in World War One.  Given that Parliaments throughout Europe are intrinsically unsteady, many hewed from unenumerated Republican ideals make them easily susceptible to the soft demographic insurgency … Continue reading

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