A Priestess Called Oprah

We wouldn’t have Trump for President if it weren’t for Obama, and it isn’t possible to entertain Oprah’s bid for the Presidency without all the ideological preening that currently animates American progressives.  From identity politics to victimhood, Oprah’s candidacy will excoriate the Democratic party in a way that will permanently hinder its already dwindling regional status.  The Republican’s are a national party, Democratic trends are going in the opposite direction.

True to form, her name recognition matches the ‘Don’, so does her TV appeal and talking style.  But something tells me she isn’t quite ready to weather the hostile political class that her party has currently become.  Hostile to growth, hostile to Catholics, ad nauseam. Even a short reasoning of her political candidacy should advise those closest to her to advise caution.

An Oprah candidacy may match the flotsam of Trump’s policy detail.  She’d also need to deal with the insurmountable problem of raising local money.  These twin enormities may be a bridge too far, but an Oprah candidacy could run on personality, positive energy and favorable coverage.

Even still, the 10+ democratic contenders won’t lie down for Oprah.  It cannot be another coronation, she’d have to demonstrate a stamina that outmatches Donald.  She’d have to outwit the limited appeal of current progressive statism which could only be done if she commanded the women vote.

The opposition has revealed its hand in pushing out the Wisconsin Senator:  the Dems think they can divide and conquer, and the alter upon this framework is women.

My monies on the American women to favorably discern the limits of an Oprah candidacy.

About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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