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The Moral, Strategic Bankruptcy of Arafat

Israel remains the only democracy in the middle east.  Is is surrounded by militant, terror driven petro-monarchies devoted to keeping Israel in a permanent state of siege. The peace process is a nomenclature, born within unelected fiefdoms of bureaucracy throughout … Continue reading

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Didactic Dow Jones & the Realism of Leading

I’ve grown frustrated by the WSJ editorial boards tone deaf posture regarding international trade.  The editorial board continues to sound didactic and worse yet, academic in its understanding on US trade. It reminds me of why Sam Rayburn (President Johnson’s … Continue reading

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The War Against Decline & Fall

I’ve always admired Elliot Cohen for his principled realism.  His last book ‘The Big Stick:  the limits of soft power & the necessity of military force” mentioned how he thought the concept of grand strategy revealed an exhausted, ameliorated vocabulary for … Continue reading

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Time Does Not Heal All Wounds: Anne Spoerry As Mama Daktari

Buried in Lamu, Kenya after decades as a doctor and nurse attending to millions of east African’s by remote plane, Anne Spoerry (1918-1999) has earned her rest.  Filmmaker and novelist John Hemingway first had contact with her in 1980, but … Continue reading

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Arabs Abandon the Mythology of Palestinian Victimhood

Mike Tyson once remarked that “everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  Obama’s naiveté ushered in a deadly realism whose impact is the abandonment of the Palestinians. The demise of Arab nationalism ushered in militancy in … Continue reading

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Short Premier on Israeli Calculations with Moscow via Syria

Putin continues to look the other way when the Israeli’s hit Iranian outposts just northeast of Golan.  Why? Because Israeli success in keeping Golan free from Iranian subversion makes Tehran dependent on Moscow.  Reports are confirmed that Putin gave assurances … Continue reading

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The Syrian Backdrop As Battleground

When Obama pulled out of Iraq after being handed a win by team Bush, the political concerns that drove Obama’s decision paved the way for a surge that became the Islamic State.  That process of strategic defeat by absconding from … Continue reading

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MbS: The Only Game in Saudi Arabia

Having left America for France, Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is to arrive back in Riyadh empty handed.  This wasn’t supposed to happen.  Autocracies only half understand maritime republics.  I venture that MbS remains less resolute today about the domestic … Continue reading

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China’s Mercantile Regime & Its Rope-A-Dope Strategy

Beijing’s mercantile policies are identical to England’s Imperial monetary-business strategies of Empire.  All transactions were founded and justified to benefit the Crown. Period.  China remains no different.  Like Assad and his proxies, China seeks to exhaust American complaints by actively … Continue reading

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The Don & The Darra: US Policy for Syria

Darra is the ancient Syrian city best remembered as the location where Lawrence of Arabia was raped by Otto-mites.  Given that 2018 is the centenary anniversary of the Arab Revolt under Lawrence, we need to remember the significance of Syria … Continue reading

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