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How To Screw Putin & Live

The White House finally got around to sanctioning Putin’s friends.  Let’s remember why this matters.  The Russians have demonstrated a profound serial weakness in assassinating a former double agent in Salisbury, England with a nerve agent whose dosage was so … Continue reading

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Taming Bond Market Vigilantes

The U.S. Federal Reserve has tamed bond vigilantes.  Because prices move inversely to bond yields, historically, active investors reacted to adverse monetary or fiscal policies by dumping bonds that consequently raise yields.  Because the FED was the only game in … Continue reading

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Orban & Central European Response To Militant Secularism

Viktor Orban has won another victorious election and fears of a growing fascist menace in Eastern & Central Europe remain unfounded.  Let’s examine. Why is militant secularism characterized as benevolent?  What can’t Brussels anticipate the impact of this militancy upon … Continue reading

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Macron: Parisian Thatcher

The pace of Macron’s willingness to confront railways and pension reform evidences other Thatcherite achievements of liberalizing French labor markets, rescinding wealth taxes while implementing a flat tax on financial income.  Now he’s on to confronting defiant jobs-for-life for new … Continue reading

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Good Riddance Castro: How Cuban Church-State Relations Needs Tocqueville

It shouldn’t surprise anyone familiar with the nature and origins of political regimes to acknowledge Latin America’s susceptibility to the corrosive social, political effects of republicanism.  Ideas matter, but functioning institutions matter more.  The Caribbean, Central and South American regimes … Continue reading

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