Orban & Central European Response To Militant Secularism

Viktor Orban has won another victorious election and fears of a growing fascist menace in Eastern & Central Europe remain unfounded.  Let’s examine.

Why is militant secularism characterized as benevolent?  What can’t Brussels anticipate the impact of this militancy upon a homogenized Roman Catholic population.  The Hungarians, like the Poles have no real stomach for the overt centralized politics that characterized the Eurozone.  They want out of the diktats that familiarizes a dangerous Russian past that most working folks in both Poland and Hungary wish never happened.

Today’s generational divide in Hungary has major counterparts in America and England. Team Trump has his deplorables.  But the Hungarian countryside continues to view itself along nationalist lines that are deplored by the Euro.  Liberal Budapest didn’t vote for Orban, but everywhere else in Hungary did!

Viktor Orban’s Fidesz party took 134 of 199 seats.  His opponents, the Jobbik party won 25.  It was a complete landslide.

Here’s the results:  Central Europe is pushing for the return of the Nation State to imperil an even closer union with failed Brussels.

My monies on those familiar with the tyranny of the golden horde.


About William Holland

Systematic Theologian/International Relations
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