China’s Mercantile Regime & Its Rope-A-Dope Strategy

Beijing’s mercantile policies are identical to England’s Imperial monetary-business strategies of Empire.  All transactions were founded and justified to benefit the Crown. Period.  China remains no different.  Like Assad and his proxies, China seeks to exhaust American complaints by actively promoting trade & currency regimes that sustain its manufacturing base.  All its competitors can do is complain.  If the U.S. seriously wishes to confront China, it will sustain the initiative with profound domestic policy of tax reform, capital-equity formation & massive capital expenditure.

Beijing’s mercantilist regime isn’t rules based.  Anyone familiar with Chinese industrial policy knows that the regime acts through unwritten or informal procedures.  Much like any bureaucracy. Yes team Trump can file under Section 301 of the 1974 Trade Act, even if only to justify tariffs. But the strength of China’s industrial regime lays with its opacity.  Its overt regulatory processes’ envelop everyone.  China’s state directed form of mercantile capitalism makes distinguishing between private and public affairs nearly impossible.  Just ask any ruling member of an Arab regime.  Without private property rights; having the Han Masters in Beijing do what the Punjabi’s of Islamabad do is to acknowledge ethnic kingship as the primacy of a ruling class.

Readers of this blog already know that Beijing and other autocracies learned their policy craft at the hands of the British.

What the Chinese do is entice foreign companies to promises of a vast consumer market only to find that the Han Masters of Beijing use regulatory bureaucracies to strip them of their bargaining power, exposing them to theft or force foreign companies to become joint ventures.

If team Trump want’s to make America great again, they’ll do everything possible to maintain Republican majorities in the House.  What does the GOP leadership in house need to learn?  They need to do something concrete with the governing majorities.


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