The Moral, Strategic Bankruptcy of Arafat

Israel remains the only democracy in the middle east.  Is is surrounded by militant, terror driven petro-monarchies devoted to keeping Israel in a permanent state of siege.

The peace process is a nomenclature, born within unelected fiefdoms of bureaucracy throughout western political life.  How can peace be brokered between belligerents when peace means the extinction of Israel.

This process must be exposed for the sham it has become, especially after Arab refusal to acknowledge Israels near suicidal accommodation to Arab demands under the tenure of Ehud Barack.  Barack’s objective was to maintain strong relations with Israel’s only partner, the U.S.  The impact of accommodation killed the Israeli left.  Israeli self-flagellation is over.  Arab ambition continues to resonate around weakening Israel’s bilateral relation with other nation states.

Arab ambition is to weaken Israeli-American relations by internationalizing the conflict. This perpetual campaign is primarily twofold:  damage or weaken American resolve toward Israel and drive Israeli self-consciousness inward.

Arab geopolitical and ideological ambitions have failed.

The key to resolving this conflict is to look forward to further indigenous development of Arab political culture along western frameworks that resemble human rights.  Only then can agreements be brokered within mutually shared interests.

For the best historical summary of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the moral, strategic bankruptcy of Arafat, please see Commentary magazine article from Seth Mandel ‘The Palestinian Authority Loses Its Authority:  the last remnant of Oslo crumbles.”


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