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Keynesian thought is utopian

Credible economists like Hayek, even von Mises and Milton Friedman knew the limits of positivism in economic models.  It isn’t that they eschewed them outright, they knew the margins of their discipline, spending their time more on exposition in defense … Continue reading

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The Mullah’s go mum

Watching President Trump manhandle the Iranian president on twitter was worth it.  Having publicly declared that he should never again threaten the United States was tempered with a credible disinformation campaign aiming at threatening the regime.  The Australians are reporting … Continue reading

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Digital mediums & the wrought return of the nation state

Call it the Washington consensus.  It was ushered in with the demise of Soviet Marxism. By 1995 the US turned inward creating NAFTA and other multinational trade relations upon the orthodox belief that international trade mattered.  We forget the backdrop … Continue reading

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Nawaz Sharif’s dynasty in Pakistan halted

This is the third time he’s been Pakistan’s Prime Minister.  Its also the third time the Army has orchestrated his demise.  Army leadership is threatened by Sharif’s willingness to make peace with India, close down Kashmir and normalize trade relations … Continue reading

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Lenin: storm chaser

Lenin was truly Satanic.  Unlike Marx, he was a man of total action.  Like a Satanist, he loved humanity, he objectified progress by eliminating the notion of ethics from progress. Having arrived as a German agent from Basil, Germany hoped … Continue reading

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How to read the Mexican election

The arrival of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador shouldn’t have surprised anyone familiar with the state of Mexico’s political economy.  The return of PRI (Institutional Revolutionary Party) after having lost power in 2000 from a 71 year rule didn’t change much; … Continue reading

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The African continent & the state of capitalism

Africa has been termed the dark continent, the term isn’t racial but refers to inhabitable characteristics that threaten economic and social development.  Weak governance and weaker infrastructure have sealed the continent from development since the defeat of European imperialism.  That … Continue reading

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