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The Nature of War & Contemporary Conflicts

It isn’t easy to discern the exact nature of emerging conflicts, however, those that grasp the interior social, political, even geopolitical components of conflict usually possess both the tenacity and fortitude to secure strategic clarity as war progresses.  This is … Continue reading

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Fiscal & Military Solvency

The United States currently resides in a position of strategic weakness, we’ve got a fiscal solvency problem and a posture-readiness problem.  Truth is, we’re unable to address either quickly, or at least sufficiently.  We need time.  But we don’t really … Continue reading

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The Democrats, The Wilderness & the Affinity Between Statism & U.S. Business

During a crisis, if one possesses a sufficient enough grasp of identity, you turn outward not inward.  When the Republican’s lose bad they return from the wilderness stronger; having profound moral, political sources, the Republican party hardly suffers from renewal … Continue reading

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The Secular Stag is Gone, Lawrence Summers Call Your Office

This blog has tackled the cynicism animating most financial economists desire or need to evade intellectual, even moral responsibility for the collapse of confidence the American Republic has for the Federal Reserve and Congress to extract the Republic from the … Continue reading

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Sinn Fein & Unification of Ireland

The Brexit will not be violent, except on England’s periphery;  the Continents fault lines actually run in England’s rear.  This was evidenced in the 1921 when London was forced to partition Ireland while seeking to redress Germany’s rise, fearing any … Continue reading

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Iran’s Satanic Mullahs Use Religion

There are a handful of Persian specialists who truly understand the theocratic, political nature of the Iranian regime.  Amir Taheri is one of them.  Abbas Milani at Hoover is another.  Both men understand the relation between expressed autocratic power and … Continue reading

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What Arnold Toynbee Taught McDonalds; Is the Church Listening

Arnold Toynbee wrote his magisterial twelve volumes A Study of History beginning on a train ride through Thrace (Macedonia) arriving at Istanbul.  This was long before the beginning of the First World War, a time of sound money, where the book … Continue reading

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McKinsey Study on ‘Short-Termism’: Nice But Inadequate

McKinsey works well within the strict confines of corporate culture; its myopic mores and clearly defined silos.  Although it presents its material holistically, it rarely trains its top faculties synoptically.  That’s because McKinsey’s top people are secular, they’ve never had … Continue reading

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Hayek 2.0: A Supply Side Revolution Begins

If you’re a supply sider, monetarist or nominal GDP target economist, we’re about to enter familiar territory that, frankly, should never have been abandoned.  The reality is, its not 2017 but 1973 and Congress, the media and entire swaths of … Continue reading

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Mexican Trade Fears ARE REAL

When the President of Mexico considers his strategic position, he’ll notice something outside the raging Mexican nationalism that currently animates much of the population, he’ll notice a plunging peso and the consequent fear of losing out to a stronger, more … Continue reading

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