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How To Understand African Political Economies

The continent of Africa really is difficult to embrace without stolid concepts shaped from both geography and history.  Can one really make sense of Ghana and its British heritage as a west African nation state surrounded by failed French colonies? … Continue reading

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Islam & Famine

For a millennia humans struggled to fathom nature, sensing the world as an object in need of inquiry fell to pre-Socratic philosophy, it was here where we find man as an object of question that the Greeks discerned the beginnings … Continue reading

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The Moral Tragedy of the African National Congress

My aunt is buried in Botswana, I remember well the Soweto uprising and how South African security services were permanently aligned to Moscow’s geopolitical ambition to thwart, divide, disrupt the Atlantic alliance.  These were dangerous times, of Soviet subversion in … Continue reading

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Nigeria: Famine & Falling Currency

Its really an unprecedented series of geopolitical and domestic challenges for AFRICOM, the U.S. senior combatant commanders charged with monitoring and shaping indigenous counter-terror reform throughout Africa.  Although housed in Stuttgart Germany, they currently reside throughout littoral West Africa striding … Continue reading

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Boko Haram, Nigeria & A Flailing West

AFRICOM is Stuttgart Germany has its hands full given the challenge of managing Boko Haram with insufficient political stability throughout Nigeria, not to mention falling oil prices threatening the entire Nigerian political class.  Entire nation states, especially those with un-diversified … Continue reading

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Why We Have The World’s Poor

I cannot turn this entry into a disputation of diverging cultural achievements between Islam and Christendom.  I would need to begin with the glaring philosophical achievement of the Church Fathers as they grappled with the Christological heresy known as Arius, … Continue reading

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Martin Niemoller: Persecuted African Christianity; A Rising Crescent

Julian Benda could have learned a thing or two from Leo Strauss.  The implored distinction between sophistry and rhetoric distilled throughout ‘Natural Right & History’ fell on deaf ears.  Benda was not a true intellectual, for if he was, he … Continue reading

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The Origin of Aids

It all began in 1981 when rare tumors known as Kaposi’s Sarcoma began to be seen throughout San Francisco.  In two years doctors knew of the intrinsic relation between these rare tumors and the four H’s:  homosexuals, heroin addicts, haemophiliacs … Continue reading

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