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A Priestess Called Oprah

We wouldn’t have Trump for President if it weren’t for Obama, and it isn’t possible to entertain Oprah’s bid for the Presidency without all the ideological preening that currently animates American progressives.  From identity politics to victimhood, Oprah’s candidacy will … Continue reading

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Married With Children: Adulthood Postponed?

Naomi Schaefer Riley isn’t known for mixing her words.  Her latest column in the NY Post revealed a lot of what’s wrong with our culture.  She spoke of how contemporary life is characterized by a sad irony that marriage has … Continue reading

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A Second Nuclear Age: Confessional Militant Regimes & the Imminent Demise of Westphalia

The perfect nightmare is beginning. We in the West are witnessing the emergence of new nuclear regimes that don’t believe in Western norms of governance; ideological, historical, moral, political restraints that build mutuality are breaking down, embodying challenges faster than … Continue reading

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Getting Borked: It’s Over

Robert Bork passed away the other day, age 85.  I suppose he can now go after Ted Kennedy for his blowhard caricature unworthy of reprint here.  How else can you say it:  the man got screwed before a live audience! … Continue reading

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