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Saving Your Child

The social, cognitive effects of a dominant use of digital technology have been studied for decades.  I am thinking of Eri Erikson’s admonition toward the end of his life when he studied the drastic psychological, social (humanist) effects of reduced … Continue reading

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Structural Unemployment: The New Reality

Other than George Orwell, I can only think of two men who engagingly wrote about the social impact of superior technology on permanent unemployment:  Milton Friedman & Peter Drucker.  Dr. Drucker is a far more sophisticaed realist than the arcane … Continue reading

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Immigration, Demography & The Maintanence Of Superpower Status

I’ve written about the social and political impact of plummiting demography in Israel and Russia.  This quick post will put into relief the impact of falling demography in ‘ascendant economies’ like China, Russia, Brazil etc. . . The Unites States … Continue reading

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Theodore Forstmann: The Last Great American Financier

American financiers are unloved these days, but with the death of Theodore Forstmann on Sunday, November 20, 2011 at the young age of 71 much is to be remembered. Theodore Forstmann made his financial mark in the early 1980’s as … Continue reading

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Aristotle, Plato: Grand Theft Auto

The last week of June 2011 witnessed the American Supreme Court hear arguments from  Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants.  This was a case involving whether a State or for that matter any political authority, can regulate video games. The majority opinion … Continue reading

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I thought Melanie Phillips, the author of ‘Londistan’ has written a most engaging article summarizing the main cultural, philosophical and policy errors that permitted London to remain hostage to looters.  “How the Liberals Ruined London” is George Orwell in drag! … Continue reading

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The Moral Vision That Permeates Success

John Garvey is the President of Catholic University in Washington D.C. Recently he revealed a bit of moral wisdom and in so doing confirmed the moral Tradition beginning with the Pre-Socratics through contemporary ethical theory. Garvey wrote that he firmly … Continue reading

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John Armstrong is a resident philosopher at Melbourne Business School in Australia, he has written an ambitious book (‘In Search Of Civilization’) that sets out to restore the confidence once reposed in the term ‘Civilization’.  If ever Matthew Arnold had a … Continue reading

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The Social Crisis of the Working Class

Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington remains the single most significant sociologist since the passing of Seymour Martin Lipset.  His latest is titled ‘The State of White America’.  This is a startling account of reversal of America’s … Continue reading

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Peter Berkowitz & The Failure of American Higher Education

Peter Berkowitz is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, he has written an opinion article for the Wall St. Journal expounding how Political Science departments throughout American Universities have abdicated in their responsibilities to form men … Continue reading

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