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American Colossus

“Gentleman, you have undertaken to cheat me.  I won’t sue you for the law takes too long.  I will ruin you.”   Cornelius Vanderbilt 1890. When Vanderbilt left America for business in South America, his business partners began exploiting his … Continue reading

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Team Obama & The Uses Of White Guilt

Shelby Steele is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Palo Alto California, he remains the most significant intellectual on American race relations since Lincoln.  Period. His book titled ‘White Guilt’ exposes how the intellectual vacuity … Continue reading

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What Has Athens To Do With Jerusalem?

The North African Catholic Church throughout the last remaining centuries before the fall of Rome was the most fertile intellectual region before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.  I don’t say that in a cavalier way, for the Church … Continue reading

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Alexis de Tocqueville: Letters Home & Gustave de Beaumont Travel Diaries

This blog has tackled the subject of Alexis de Tocqueville extensively.  I mention him because a handful of American scholars have finally decided to tackle what our American Founders and Framers instinctively understood:  the American Revolution would succeed and be … Continue reading

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The Morality Of Political Realism: Fortitude For The American Imperium

What are we witnessing in the political and therefore spiritual morass that is a craven European Union, especially geopolitically and strategically?  “Idealism” is a tough sell in American Foreign Policy, but most often it has been alloyed to the social … Continue reading

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Aristotle, Plato: Grand Theft Auto

The last week of June 2011 witnessed the American Supreme Court hear arguments from  Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants.  This was a case involving whether a State or for that matter any political authority, can regulate video games. The majority opinion … Continue reading

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Sex & The City: The Social and Political Impact Of Militant Feminism

I was always dismayed when people use any kind of moral equivalency.  An example is the ‘Wall of Apartheid’ (originally coined by Jimmy Carter) throughout the West Bank in Israel.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the politics … Continue reading

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What Links The Atavism Of Anarchist’s & Militant Muslims?

I have written on Barbara Tuchman’s great book “The Proud Tower”, by far a much better book than the “Gun’s Of August”.  Tuchman’s analysis of 18th through 19th century anarchists is a must read for anyone seriously engaged in understanding … Continue reading

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George Melloan: The American Imperium For An Uncertain President

George Melloan has written “The Great Money Binge:  Spending Our Way To Socialism,”  out from Simon & Schuster 2009.  As former Editorial page writer and editor for the Wall Street Journal makes him a protege to the most powerful man … Continue reading

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The Treason Of Passionate Intellectuals

Kim Philby and the Cambridge Spies, Alger Hiss, Stephen Decatur, Benedict Arnold, Thomas Paine are well know names, what remains unknown are the motivations that propel people to actively support, work for,  even embrace their nations enemies. ‘Treasons Of The … Continue reading

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