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Kashmir, Islamabad & New Delhi

I’ve spent a lifetime in pursuit of understanding the intricate geopolitical wiles of the Subcontinent, especially Pakistan.  In short, its not a democracy and it just may well be the perfect challenge for any sitting President, to undertake dealings with … Continue reading

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India’s Fragile Democracy: Indebted Tycoons & Trumps

Teachers unions throughout the United States and indebted unions with enormous unfunded liabilities tried using Conservative arguments favoring States Rights to avoid having to recognize the supremacy of federal law regarding bankruptcy proceedings.  The Constitution spoke of the supremacy of federal law … Continue reading

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What Modi Returns Home to India with: Nuclear Strategy

India’s prime minister returned home two days ago after altering the geo-strategic balance in southwest Asia, this is significant given the stakes involved.  Since its Independence from an exhausted, faltering Britain, India always promoted itself from within the confines of … Continue reading

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India: Banking Reform & Credit Allocation

Dominant political majorities politicize banking.  In the United States, banks have been regulated to the point of dysfunction.  It continues this way because it serves the policy goals of a dominant political class.  Keeping banks near insolvency isn’t a policy … Continue reading

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Apaiser: Peace or Imminent U.S. Defeat, The Parisian Afghani’s & Power Blocks

About 40 miles north of Paris is the lovely town of Chantilly, a town known for horse training.  This luxury town is now witnessing the imminent defeat of America throughout the AfPak region.  How is this so?  America has a … Continue reading

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