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Iraq: The Battle Plan

If I had the ear of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, this is what I would reveal about what’s favorable to any U.S. incursion in Mesopotamia. 1.  Iraq’s fragile democratic institutions have really proved quite resilient given its history and … Continue reading

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Emir Muawwyyah bin Ismail: Exiled Leader of Yazidi Speaks

Typical of our nominalist POTUS (President of the U.S.), words make reality.  Evidenced by recent U.S. bombing of jihadi positions between the northern Iraqi cities of Mosul & Erbil, indigenous Yazidis are no longer harmed by ISIS.  By removing the … Continue reading

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Iraq 3: The Return of the Repressed

Regardless of the rhetoric animating the relaxed posture of team Obama, we are at war again in Iraq for the third time in 25 years.  Maybe this time, he’ll finish the job! Least we forget, he was handed a ‘win’ … Continue reading

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US Policy in Iraq: Countering ISIS, Formal Policy Brief

While Nouri al-Maliki (a Shia) reels from being over-run by ISIS, its worth noting how he and The White House can formulate a coherent policy to bring Iraq back from the brink. Absent renewed ‘boots on the ground’, the only … Continue reading

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