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Index Funds: Why Passive Investing Wins

Nothing threatened active fund managers more than passive index investing and the reach for yield under Bernanke & Yellen.  The closure of hedge funds and other active money managed businesses tied to the 1% is the collateral damage done by … Continue reading

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On the Stupidity of Being an Expert

The expert as expert, a bookish sort consulting what is already known, cannot by his nature learn anything new, because then he wouldn’t be an expert.  He would be an entrepreneur, a statesman, or an artist.  The expert critic can … Continue reading

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The Failure That Became Bismark: The Limits of Machiavelli

Arnold Toynbee once remarked that the problem with intellectuals was their intrinsic need to only illustrate, not fix the dominate ideas that ruled their profession.  For decades I have been exposed to two false ideas that have dominated academia.  Namely … Continue reading

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Cyril Northcote Parkinson: A Guru For Financial Goverance

Very few writers ever acclaim the status of Cyril Northcote Parkinson.  Born in 1909 and died in 1993, he befriended most of the great literary and military persons of the British Empire, wrote both Naval and Political treaties that remain … Continue reading

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Future Demise of Chinese Economy

I have written on the topic of the Chinese economy many times only to be validated by history soon thereafter!  Its simple:  the coming fracture in Chinese society will occur along racial, ethnic lines.  China was never MONOLITHIC!  This is … Continue reading

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Ancient Libraries: Power Relations, Political Statecraft & Demise Of Empire

Everyone likes archeology, who would not like to participate in the elite romanticism of the discovery, publication and archiving of the past in exotic regions like Egypt, Iraq or even Central America?  It’s a passion that consumes most adults as … Continue reading

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Clausewitz vs. Sun-Tzu: Money Is A Weapon!

With the arrival of decentralized (personal) electronic media, fiat (paper) money is losing its worth as a store of value.  Contemporary markets have recognized that our devalued currency is being replaced by value in commodities. The internet has introduced a … Continue reading

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Specialization & The Perils of Child Prodigies

Arnold Toynbee, Marshall McLuhan, Kevin Bassana and Peter Drucker  have written extensively on the origin of specialization as it applies to both education, music, labor, history and warfare.  But Ruth Slenczynska has addressed the lives of child prodigies in her … Continue reading

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Peter Drucker: Management In Service To Faith

“People get more money when they produce more value for other people.  Longterm success is about constantly discovering ways to create value.  Reward all activities that add to the bottom line.  Remember incentives matter.  Have employees act like owners.  Management … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Every life begins with great promise.  How this promise grows depends on our willingness to accept the challenge of grace in all its tragedy, comedy and unique wonder. Every person knows what fearful destiny waits us; namely death.  Nevertheless, in … Continue reading

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