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Enter The Dragon: The Rise of China & America’s Next Conflict

Mark Helprin is not known as an alarmist, especially among policy wonks throughout the political-military establishment.  He currently resides as a senior fellow at the Claremont Institute in California.  Known for his prescient insights into foreign policy and conflict resolution, … Continue reading

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Max Boot & Mark Halperin: How Islam Win’s Against The West

The extraordinary devotion to the development and application of technology in pursuit of war aims makes the West seemingly unconquerable.  However, the revolution in military affairs possesses an Achilles heel rapidly exposing the West to defeat. We must remember that … Continue reading

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A Soft Depotism

The American political left, whose insistence on purity of means is disguised as an unwillingness to deal with the messy requirements of governing, makes them unfit to serve high office.  Combatting the challenges of either Marxism or radical Islamic fundamentalism … Continue reading

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A New Beginning

Every life begins with great promise.  How this promise grows depends on our willingness to accept the challenge of grace in all its tragedy, comedy and unique wonder. Every person knows what fearful destiny waits us; namely death.  Nevertheless, in … Continue reading

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