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Married With Children: Adulthood Postponed?

Naomi Schaefer Riley isn’t known for mixing her words.  Her latest column in the NY Post revealed a lot of what’s wrong with our culture.  She spoke of how contemporary life is characterized by a sad irony that marriage has … Continue reading

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The Supremes, Gay Marriage & Christian Orthodoxy

The created order is foundational for Christian Orthodoxy; its the ground from which revelation must be understood.  The Incarnation alone proves that God meets humankind on an equal footing. The philosophical achievement that became the Reformation, the Renaissance and the … Continue reading

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Sex & The City: The Social and Political Impact Of Militant Feminism

I was always dismayed when people use any kind of moral equivalency.  An example is the ‘Wall of Apartheid’ (originally coined by Jimmy Carter) throughout the West Bank in Israel.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the politics … Continue reading

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The Social Crisis of the Working Class

Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington remains the single most significant sociologist since the passing of Seymour Martin Lipset.  His latest is titled ‘The State of White America’.  This is a startling account of reversal of America’s … Continue reading

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Human Freedom, Weak Identities: The Criteria For Tragic Flaws

Aristotle arrived at a very influential definition of tragedy:  ”the imitation of an action that is serious and complete, achieving a catharsis through incidents arousing pity and terror”. Aristotle also observed that the protagonist is led into a fatal calamity … Continue reading

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Karol Wojtyla On Imago Dei

‘In affirming that the spouses, as parents, cooperate with God the Creator in conceiving and giving birth to a new human being, we are not speaking merely with reference to the laws of biology.  Instead we wish to emphasize that … Continue reading

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Autism: Heredity & Milieu

The National Scientific Council for the Developing Child is a Harvard based research group from top Universities around the United States whose mission is the study of emerging disorders within the child.  Anyone with a child whom possesses psychological or … Continue reading

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Marian Wright Edelman: The Poverty of Secularism

Author of ‘Families in Peril:  An Agenda for Social Change’, Marian Wright Edelman gave a lecture at Harvard University recently, she contrasted the moral poverty that dominates contemporary American life. “The legacies my parents and church and teachers left to … Continue reading

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Creighton University Center For Marriage Preparation

Even though there are canonical problems regarding faculty fidelity to the local Bishop, Creighton University established an Institute to study marriage and marriage preparation, it publishes its findings on its website. To summarize, their are five ‘C”s to successful marriage … Continue reading

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The Art of Choosing Well

Perhaps the most difficult part of contemporary living is the relation between the innumerable tasks and choices we have and the quality of one’s serenity, especially when discerning.  Are we capable of discernment?  Contemporary living permits our grasp of all … Continue reading

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