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Why There’s NO Inflation

Ok, let’s set the record straight:  you need two things for inflation.  You need to print money and you need monetary velocity (people spending). Question:  why is there no inflation? The answer just isn’t a lack of velocity.  The real … Continue reading

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What Happened At The Fiscal Cliff

Ok, you’re sick of it.  So let me put it straight and simple.  What was agreed upon during the so called negotiation immediately before the ‘fiscal cliff’ was a tax increase disguised as tax reform. Try not to laugh.  Its … Continue reading

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The FED, Buzz Ben and QE ‘To Infinity and Beyond’: The Update

For those who adamantly follow the inner machinations of the Federal Reserve, you know that a few distinct brave members have not given Buzz Ben an imprimatur to continue printing money (quantitative easing QE), we’re beginning to witness the vocal … Continue reading

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Leszek Balcerowicz: Adam Smith Meets Karol Wojtyla

Matthew Kaminski interviewed a Polish intellectual recently, a man who has few peers.  His name is Leszek Balcerowicz (pronounced Lay-zek Bal-zero-witz).  What he has to say is significant for it points the way toward recognizing how Keynesian thought is a … Continue reading

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The Libor Lies

LIBOR is the London Interbank Offered Rate.  It’s a series of interest rate benchmarks used in trillions of dollars of bank transactions, commercial contracts and numerous other banking instruments.  The rates are set by a panel of banks excluding both … Continue reading

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Ben Folds 5

A non-sequitur is a Latin term translated as ‘it does not follow’; referring to a conclusion that does not follow from the main premise.  It is usually considered a fallacy, meaning an error in one’s thinking. I had a similar … Continue reading

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Fiscal Calamity & The Working Stiff

The very progressive nature of the US tax system dismisses the tempting notion that mammoth Govmint borrowing can be financed just by taxing upper-income people. Washington’s “print the money and run” policy will end badly. Here’s a fact:  numerous candidates … Continue reading

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How To Discern The Euro-Zone Problem

It’s beginning to look a lot like the 1930’s as France goes ‘Socialist’ in its latest election.  Needless to say, the United States has been there since 2008.  The difference is understood within the discreet immeasurable social aggregates that animate … Continue reading

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How Japan Failed To Become A Superpower

Remember the threat that Japan posed to everyone throughout the 1980’s?  The spooky truth is easy to discern, for they performed well because they had America as its tutor.  We abanoned our own principles as evidenced in the Keynesian stagflation … Continue reading

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Germanic Austerity & Grecian Socialism: False Choice

If mainstream political parties fail their constituency, then everyone can watch Greece go the way of third world failed radicalism. I no longer suffer fools, so my bet is that Grecian radicalism will go its own way and meet the … Continue reading

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