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Our Political Problems Are Moral

When Lev Davidovich Bronshtein (pen name Leon Trotsky) wrote about homo Soveiticus, the new breed of man born under the pall of terror; a subject of tyrannical social engineering by the State, he was referencing a utopian conviction that contemporary capitalist states now … Continue reading

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Leadership: The Ethics of Leading, Being Effective, The Family as Foci

Bush was right when he exclaimed, “getting hammered is what happends when you take a principled stand.”  I often think of this in contrast to the ubiquity of ‘thought leadership’ and other catch-phrases indicative of branding. The problem is this: … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Muslims, Polygamy & The Great Satan’s Charm

Ever since the Enlightenment, the West has tethered itself to the philosophical concept of the autonomy of reason.  Why is this significant?  Because the last few decades of the 20th century ushered in new forms of tyranny born from within … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Eric Hobsbawm: Child of The Lost Generation

I have written before about Dr. Hobsbawm.  I will not elaborate nor defend what British institutions have borne, namely a brilliant yet terribly misplaced intellect primarily shaped in the cauldron that became the First World War and its aftermath, namely … Continue reading

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Genocide, Francophile Africa & The Colonial Mind

Contemporary education is no longer capable of discerning nor appreciating the philosophical distinctions that reeled the ancient world, any person familiar with Patristic thought can indeed understand how Francophile Africa, specifically Rwanda became a conduit for genocide.  Yes, the British … Continue reading

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Castlereagh: The Irish Brit

The daunting challenge for politicos is reconciling realism to morality.  Without ‘Natural Rights’ doctrine, this cannot be done!  All the more difficult when your Lord Casterleagh, the man responsible for the creation of Presbyterian ‘Orangemen’ that ran the ‘Troubles’ in … Continue reading

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The Wager: God & Tyranny

If the deaths of Kim Jong II, Christopher Hitchens and Vaclav Havel can be surmised briefly it is this:  no mere Machiavellian calculus is sufficient concerning the scales by which men discern the movement of Nations. The end of the … Continue reading

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The Limits Of Political Accommodation: Herodian Strategy For Survival In An Age Of Absolutes

The Roman Catholic Church has a very long distinguished history of playing a Machiavellian hand with secular leaders.  Witness the long tenure of John Paul II in Poland regarding both his strategy to break the Warsaw Pact along with hardened … Continue reading

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The Dogs of War: Unmanned Ariel Vehicles & The Science and Law Of Licit Killing

Unmanned Ariel Vehicles (UAV’s) are remote controlled aircraft equipped with elaborate sensors and weapons that deliver lethal strikes by eyes far away in New Mexico, Nevada or Florida.  They are currently being used by the CIA in the Pakistan tribal … Continue reading

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American Colossus

“Gentleman, you have undertaken to cheat me.  I won’t sue you for the law takes too long.  I will ruin you.”   Cornelius Vanderbilt 1890. When Vanderbilt left America for business in South America, his business partners began exploiting his … Continue reading

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