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New York’s Cardinal Timothy Dolan Scandal

Media reports are surfacing after a judge released 6,000 pages of church documents related to archdiocesan communiques with Vatican superiors over bankruptcies related to punitive damages over abusive priests, portray a solicitous Cardinal Dolan dealing with  an inefficient, inept Vatican … Continue reading

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Lawrence Kaplan

“The sleep of reason breeds monsters.”                                                                     … Continue reading

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Creative Response Or Social Enormity: Michael Jackson, Iran & The Perils of Specialization

What do Michael Jackson and Iranian Theocracy have in common? Both degenerated into social enormities. When a creative person or institution by an act of memesis attempts to resolve a crisis, the once creative act eventually loses traction rendering both … Continue reading

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Abusive Priests

“The abuse which has caused this crisis is by every standard wrong and rightly considered a crime by society; it is also an appalling sin in the eyes of God.  To the victims and their families, wherever they may be, … Continue reading

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