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African American’s ‘Keeping It Real’: Black Identity & Assimilation Of An American Underclass

Shelby Steele and Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan remain the two individuals who have struggled with the ‘African American Problem’ as both Nixon and Moynihan termed it.  Fearing that 1960’s race riots would undermine the gains of the Civil Rights movement, … Continue reading

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Team Obama & The Uses Of White Guilt

Shelby Steele is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University in Palo Alto California, he remains the most significant intellectual on American race relations since Lincoln.  Period. His book titled ‘White Guilt’ exposes how the intellectual vacuity … Continue reading

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The Folly of Elites at Council on Foreign Relations

The Council on Foreign Relations is another anachronistic institution whose ties to monolithic liberalism is rendering itself obsolete in our present age of digital revolution. This is a sad state of affairs given this nations need for clarity of purpose … Continue reading

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Walter Russell Mead & The Flight of African American’s Out Of New York

Walter Russell Mead has recently written of the flight of tens of thousands of African Americans out of Michigan, Chicago and New York to seek better lives for themselves in the American South.  Blacks are fleeing stagnant job growth, confiscatory … Continue reading

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The Social Crisis of the Working Class

Charles Murray of the American Enterprise Institute in Washington remains the single most significant sociologist since the passing of Seymour Martin Lipset.  His latest is titled ‘The State of White America’.  This is a startling account of reversal of America’s … Continue reading

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Edward Said: The Bitter Orientalist

Before his death in 1995 the great political historian and anthropologist Ernest Gellner began a very long celebrated demolition of the literary critic Edward Said (d. 2003 pronounced Sigh-eeed), especially Said’s book titled ‘Orientalism’ (1978).  The original source is Ernest … Continue reading

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Gilded Age: Prominence & Patricide

Anyone familiar with the Hudson River Valley in New York State is familiar with the rise of tourism that accompanied the twenty-five year economic boom that we sustained since Reagan.  All along the Hudson River are mansions from the Gilded … Continue reading

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France: Unintended Consequences Of A Bastard Ally

Few academics have been driven to excoriate the craven French as they lovingly embraced Marxism, the incubus of revolutionary fever that cradled the genocide in South East Asia.  Even fewer have quarried how Solzhenitsyn’s ‘Gulag’ was the text that finished … Continue reading

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Fascist Islam: History & Prospects

Although Malise Ruthven is credited with coining the term ‘Islamofascism’ while writing for the British Independent in 1990, the term was coined by Maxine Rodinson.  Nevertheless, we have throughout the west a vast intellectual reserve providing antecedents for us to … Continue reading

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George Orwell & Aldous Huxley Fathers of Doublespeak: A Clarion Call To Church & Artists

Both Orwell (real name Eric Blair) and Huxley left a substantial body of work that bore out the conviction that modern man was incapable of coping, resolving the demands of his time.  Other writers, less artistic yet still formidable in … Continue reading

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