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Can FARC Become Sinn Fein

When the late Martin McGuinness spoke of preparing for the long war he implicitly knew Clausewitz’s dictum that war is politics by another means. Having confounded Thatcher and divided London from Washington while Soviet propaganda raged on about Apartheid and … Continue reading

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Ann Marlowe: The Oriana Fallaci of the Maghreb & Levant Returns

Ann Marlowe’s outstanding contribution to foreign affairs is easy to discern because she reports from regions that aren’t easily covered.  Having dominated the Levant, she’s moved on to cover Libya, Tunisia and the original fault line that began it all, … Continue reading

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Turkey @The-Crossroads

Last weekends failed coup is testimony to a dire freneticism that splits entire social classes throughout Islamic civilization, for even Republics are beholden to ideals easily exploited. This is now on display throughout Turkey in its coup recovery.  How Erdogan’s … Continue reading

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The Murder of Alberto Nisman: The Slaughter of Innocents Continues

When investigators are up against a wall, when all leads fail to show causation, then they begin to ask direct forensic questions in an attempt to square a circle.  That square has now come full circle.  There is only one … Continue reading

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A Flock Of Doves: Requiem For American Power

Robert Bartley would’ve been proud of the Wall St. Journals editorial recently, for it elaborated on the reasoning why Obama chose Kerry for State and Hagel for Pentagon. The reason is simple:  both men embody a diminished vision of an … Continue reading

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War Power Reversal

If hypocrisy paid a dividend, team Obama would be rolling in dough.  This President continues to vindicate the anti-terror strategy of his predecessor, G.W. Bush.  The recent signing of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 demonstrates where team Obama’s … Continue reading

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Hamas, Preemption & Israeli Will

John Bolton got it right when he revealed that last weeks surprise attack on Israel by Iranian proxies was an attempt by Iran to read Israeli political willpower. We should know by now that all actors within the Near East … Continue reading

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Very few wars end the way they are originally envisioned.  Perhaps this is what informed the old maximum ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy.’  The voluminous output on Afghanistan after September 2001 is staggering.  Unless you follow Central Asian … Continue reading

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Persian Allies In The Soft American Underbelly

Dr. Douglas Farah, an expert on international terrorism recently submitted his analysis concerning Iran operating throughout South America and his assessment is grave:  with the arrival of Al Qods Force in La Paz and Santiago, the Iranians seek to gain … Continue reading

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Hezbollah In South America

The recent news that the Islamic Republic of Iran has developed extensive ties to narco-terrorist regimes throughout South America should not surprise anyone with a modicum of knowledge regarding how Teheran funds its proxies.  What is alarming is the effect … Continue reading

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