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Pope Francis: Opening Moves

Its safe to say that Francis is quickly moving to admonish those within the Roman Curia (Court), a backstabbing, Borgia-like bureaucracy known for advancing agendas that have little to do with its original mission.  (Max Weber wrote centuries earlier how … Continue reading

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The Swerve: Modernity & The Creation Of Contemporary Life

Just as contemporary historians and philosophers are finally beginning to ride astride the findings of Catholic theologians on distinguishing variable modes of the Enlightenment (Hans Urs von Balthasar, John Courtney Murray, Henri De Lubac and Gertrud Himmelfarb) all come to … Continue reading

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Identity & Personhood In Ancient Rome: The Specificity Of Christian Ethics vs. The Eros Of Selfish Property

This blog has dealt sufficiently with the concept of ‘The Specificity of Christian Ethics’ at great length, it cannot be ignored how secular life itself is a perversion of Christianity.  This insight will move into greater relief as the West … Continue reading

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What Has Athens To Do With Jerusalem?

The North African Catholic Church throughout the last remaining centuries before the fall of Rome was the most fertile intellectual region before the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia in 1787.  I don’t say that in a cavalier way, for the Church … Continue reading

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Raising Children In Hell’s Kitchen

New York City officials now report that 45% of pregnancies end in abortion.  It’s over 60% for African Americans. Sisters ‘For Life’ is a Roman Catholic Order celebrating its 20th anniversary in New York City.  They take the usual vows … Continue reading

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Sex & The City: The Social and Political Impact Of Militant Feminism

I was always dismayed when people use any kind of moral equivalency.  An example is the ‘Wall of Apartheid’ (originally coined by Jimmy Carter) throughout the West Bank in Israel.  Anyone with even a modicum of knowledge of the politics … Continue reading

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A Jesuit In The Forbidden City

Ronnie Po-chia Hsia is a professor at Pennsylvania State University, he has written a very engaging biography of the first Jesuit (Matteo Ricci)  to enter and be received into “The Forbidden City” (Beijing) in 1596. Everyone knows that the Papacy … Continue reading

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Fredrick Law Olmstead: Unity Between Landscape, Social Order & Personality Development

The recognized indissoluble unity between geography and personality development is well attested to throughout the West.  The arrival of positivism in the late 17th century created a methodology (the scientific method) that sought to impose on reality the constraints of … Continue reading

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Rowan Williams Is No Thomas Beckett

I must admit that I do not always admire Dr. Rowan Williams even if sometimes he demonstrates the absolute candor required in leaders.  Nevertheless, this wile theologian continues to reveal a steadfastness, especially as he reveals the distinction that is … Continue reading

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Holy Ignorance

How can one study the failure that is political Islam and Protestantism?  The former dwells on an archaic vision that simply cannot address contemporary issues while the latter remains permanently entangled in the cultural morass of exalted personal autonomy.  For … Continue reading

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