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The Moral, Strategic Bankruptcy of Arafat

Israel remains the only democracy in the middle east.  Is is surrounded by militant, terror driven petro-monarchies devoted to keeping Israel in a permanent state of siege. The peace process is a nomenclature, born within unelected fiefdoms of bureaucracy throughout … Continue reading

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Arabs Abandon the Mythology of Palestinian Victimhood

Mike Tyson once remarked that “everyone’s got a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”  Obama’s naiveté ushered in a deadly realism whose impact is the abandonment of the Palestinians. The demise of Arab nationalism ushered in militancy in … Continue reading

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An Emerging Israeli Ascendancy with Saudi Shield: Hitting the Persian Mullah’s

The violent prism of realism remains the best instrument from which to discern the political movement of the major actors in the Middle East conflict.  Daniel Pipes of the Philadelphia based Middle East Forum was correct in his analysis of … Continue reading

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The U.N. Statehood Charade

Both Benny Avni and Fouad Ajami have written extensively to engage the public on how useless the up coming vote at the U.N. to declare/ratify a Palestinian State.  This is pure idealism tied to cynicism hiding as Machiavelli!  Arab States … Continue reading

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Unilateral Declaration Of Palestinian State: The Possibility For Responsible Governance

The past few weeks have witnessed the passionate claim that the Palestinians will unilaterally declare the West Bank a Palestinian State.  Although this makes great publicity, it most certainly makes for an impending tragedy.  This August 2011 declaration will be … Continue reading

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