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Ian Kershaw & The Last Volume Of His Magisterial Work On Nazi Germany

Ian Kershaw’s magisterial research into Adolf Hitler and the rise of Nazism is unrivaled in its scope, depth and sheer force of achievement.  His final installment on the Third Reich is now complete with ‘The End:  Hitler’s Germany 1944-45’.  It … Continue reading

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Adolf Hitler: The Fuhrer In The Making

Dr.  James Billington has resided as the Chief Librarian at the Library of Congress for decades.  Recently he remarked that Lincoln, Shakespeare and Jesus have more published each year it remains impossible for any scholar to maintain a grasp given … Continue reading

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The Genius Of The American Founding

How else to speak of the moral revolution that was and is the American Founding. Fidel Castrol, Pol Pot, Jospeh Stalin, Adolf Hitler and scores of other ‘revolutionaries’ all failed. Why? Unless we understand the measure that our Founders took … Continue reading

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