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Ancients & Moderns: Measuring The Earth From Ptolemy To Louis XV

It is true that most students hate science.  For the most part the teachers teaching it never studied the historical impact of discovery.  The ancient Egyptians understood how to measure a sphere.  They did so with a plumb line across … Continue reading

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Aristotle, Plato: Grand Theft Auto

The last week of June 2011 witnessed the American Supreme Court hear arguments from  Brown vs. Entertainment Merchants.  This was a case involving whether a State or for that matter any political authority, can regulate video games. The majority opinion … Continue reading

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What Motivated Plato, Aristotle

Its a complete shame that the vast majority of people in the teaching profession suffer personal and intellectual arrested development in that mentors were primarily shaped and informed from a Germanic vision of education.  This meant study of a particular … Continue reading

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