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Why Popes & their Managerial Style Matters

Everyone remembers the destitute attitude consuming the United States immediately before the election of Reagan in November of 1979.  For those too young to remember, it was the perfect embodiment of the ‘END’ of Western Civilization. Jimmy Carter became like … Continue reading

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Dr. Brendan Simms: Strategery

I’ve always loved how the experts, the specialized mandarins and policy wonks ridiculed Bush for his malapropisms. The overly specialized development of precise language does have its flaws, if only exposed in the caldron of the mundane.  Where else is … Continue reading

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A Warning Regarding The Limits Of Technology In Warfare

Throughout Arnold Toynbee’s twelve volume reading ‘A Study of History’; he provides the reader with dozens of examples whereby a growing civilization possessed technical superiority both culturally and materially yet failed in its encounter with a less specialized intractable enemy. … Continue reading

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