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Caveats In Pakistan’s Oriental Orbit

Its getting amusing to witness the bemoaning of U.S. Pakistani relations, especially regarding Beijing’s attempt to corral Islamabad out from its U.S. orbit with promises of money, roads and security.  The Punjabi’s that run the Citadel don’t really want to … Continue reading

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India’s Soft Power Remains Diminished, But Beijing’s Appeal Remains Untested

The politics of the subcontinent are intractable.  That’s because most westerners shape their policy convictions from inside the ideological symmetries of the enlightenment whose apex is Westphalia.  Clearly, whoever continues to teach it this way hasn’t visited the subcontinent where … Continue reading

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Xi Consolidates: China Stagnates

If self determination is the criteria for growth, China and other praetorian regimes throughout the world are going to have a tough time managing open political regimes with econometrics resembling autocracy.  The capital flows of globalization threatens these kind of … Continue reading

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China: Currency Wars & Liberalization

China is best studied geographically as an island cut off from the world, its geography constitutes a political, social challenge as Beijing begins its own tapering in hope of liberalizing central banking to the effect of moving its domestic economy … Continue reading

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The Boys in Beijing: Sinic Thoughts on Reform

The Chinese Communist Party is right to think that we’ve declared war. We have after all destroyed THEIR export based political economy.  Now their faced with the difficult political choice of having to pursue domestic fiscal/monetary reform. Why does this … Continue reading

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Beijing’s Fiscal Grand Strategy

What does a competitor do when its outmatched?  It develops and uses the superior techniques of its aggressor, and in so doing competes on more equitable ground. That’s what Communist China has been doing since Deng Xiaoping took over from … Continue reading

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Beijing & The Rejection Of International Norms

The rise of Communist China has implications regarding how China identifies both itself and the role of hegemony as it engages the West throughout the South Pacific.  We are witnessing a very broad transformation that will continue to play out … Continue reading

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Christ Or Kung Fu: A Historical Contrast Of Growth

I’ve studied and taught Chinese (Sinic) civilization with enough rigor so as to provide some insight into how one can approach and therefore discern the enduring contribution of both Confucius and Lao Tse; both being the authorities on Confuciansim and … Continue reading

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