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American Enemies Gather

We often don’t see our enemies until after they act.  The West has for decades used large multinational institutions to secure a bulwark against Communism.  This strategy will not work for non-state actors like militant Islamic terrorists. The good news … Continue reading

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Benny Avni: Israel Hitting Iran, The Contemporary Signs

For over two years Israel has been preparing its armed forces to attack the Iranian nuclear program, but only those who monitor and have the honored trust of both political and military officials discern the hidden movements of the Israeli … Continue reading

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Benny Avni: A Prostrate West, A Rising Militancy In Persia & A Look Into The Heart Of Islam

An old secret that western contemporary governments use in order to protect intelligence agents is to plant them as journalists; shielded by a Constitution gives them unimpeded range to explore, divulge and develop unattractive options to shape public opinion. Benny … Continue reading

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