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Asia’s Future: Hindutva or Caliphate

Modi’s win in Uttar Pradesch brings coattails.  Most thought Modi’s rise could survive any blemish, nevertheless, we’re witnessing the limits of secular writ in India.  The rise of Modi cannot be laid at the feet of Amit Shah, Modi’s chief … Continue reading

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A New Tyranny: The Fatal Conceit of Macro-Prudential Policy

Let’s face it, the Federal Reserve is out of ammunition. By any standard, the world’s most powerful institution is impotent.  So is Congress, who punted immediately to the credentialed technocracy that is the ‘Fed.’ One can see it now, the … Continue reading

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Ancient Libraries: Power Relations, Political Statecraft & Demise Of Empire

Everyone likes archeology, who would not like to participate in the elite romanticism of the discovery, publication and archiving of the past in exotic regions like Egypt, Iraq or even Central America?  It’s a passion that consumes most adults as … Continue reading

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