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The Rage & the Fury Continues

When Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos quipped recently that “your margins are my opportunity” he laid down a general rule that governs Amazon’s success, namely the drive to work with technologies trend toward scale.  Until the arrival of digitization, electric technology … Continue reading

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Economics For Dummies

This is what common working people instinctively already know but the political class in Washington refuses to hear: 1.  Confiscatory taxation encourages borrowing.  Instead, our Federal Government ought to encourage equity formation. 2.  “THE FUNDAMENTAL DEFICIENCY IMPLIED IN EVERY QUANTITATIVE … Continue reading

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Walter Russell Mead & The Flight of African American’s Out Of New York

Walter Russell Mead has recently written of the flight of tens of thousands of African Americans out of Michigan, Chicago and New York to seek better lives for themselves in the American South.  Blacks are fleeing stagnant job growth, confiscatory … Continue reading

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Weak Currency: Weakened Prosperity

A great friend of mine recently admonished a competitor who exclaimed that the Dow Jones was rising!  His response was incisive:  what does it matter, the currency is shot!  His thinking was grounded in sound fiscal, macroeconomic policy that is … Continue reading

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