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The House Hits Yellen: FRAT & Taylor Rule

The Federal Reserve Accountability and Transparency Act (F.R.A.T.) is a bill in the House of Representatives that seeks to have the Federal Reserve pursue its policy objectives using a formula advocated by Milton Friedman some 50 years ago.  Although Dr. … Continue reading

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Yellen, the Economy & Macro-Prudential Conceit

Central Bankers throughout the U.S. have a real psychological problem, they can’t trust the data that animates the models they study.  This is why character remains the sole foundation for applied politics.  A Paul Volcker or Milton Friedman would not … Continue reading

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Easy Money, Lazy President, Lame Congress

I continue to discover a discontent that is not confined to New Yawk alone. Throughout the country, citizens are beginning to affirm an unsightly conviction, namely that the President doesn’t have our back! This is unusual for the simple reason … Continue reading

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Pentagon Procurement & Civilian Military Relations: The Key to Winning ‘The Long War’

The key to understanding how large monolithic bureaucratic institutions like State, Pentagon and Defense work in tandem with Congress and the White House is to uncover the small yet vital liaisons that work between them. Why is this important? Because … Continue reading

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