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The Monetary Roots Of Currency Fluctuations

Recently the U.S. Secretary of Treasury Timothy Geithner began an offensive campaign against China in addressing both trade imbalances and currency fluctuations.  Given how the rest of Asia gladly accepted such an erroneous political play speaks volumes to the xenophobia … Continue reading

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Currency War: The Perils Of Specialization In Finance & Macroeconomics

The editorial board of the Wall St. Journal has revealed great insight into why many political economies throughout the world are experiencing problems with price stability, native currencies and inflation.  The answer is easy to see:  the U.S. Federal Reserve … Continue reading

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The Cry Of Currency Manipulation Among The Specialists: Modern Cassandra’s To Be Ignored

Mr. Robert Pozen has eloquently written of Beijing’s autocrats maintaining unfair trade practices by artificially pegging their dollar to ours.  In so doing, our Federal Reserve is outsourcing its expertise to the Chinese along with inflation and the creation of … Continue reading

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Future Demise of Chinese Economy

I have written on the topic of the Chinese economy many times only to be validated by history soon thereafter!  Its simple:  the coming fracture in Chinese society will occur along racial, ethnic lines.  China was never MONOLITHIC!  This is … Continue reading

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