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What’s Behind The Entitlement Crisis

Demography as a discipline is resurging like geography, especially its traditional interdisciplinary emphasis as a fulcrum of politics, history and culture. Most people don’t study demography for the simple reason that its components are not measured or conformed to contemporary … Continue reading

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Immigration, Demography & The Maintanence Of Superpower Status

I’ve written about the social and political impact of plummiting demography in Israel and Russia.  This quick post will put into relief the impact of falling demography in ‘ascendant economies’ like China, Russia, Brazil etc. . . The Unites States … Continue reading

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Why Samuel Huntington’s “Clash Of Civilizations” Is Inadequate

There are two authorities on international relations whom have the temerity and fortitude to see the inadequacies of Samuel Huntington’s ‘Clash Of Civilizations’, a model developed more than a decade ago to explain world order.  Both Ms Ayann Hirsi Ali … Continue reading

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