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Islam & Famine

For a millennia humans struggled to fathom nature, sensing the world as an object in need of inquiry fell to pre-Socratic philosophy, it was here where we find man as an object of question that the Greeks discerned the beginnings … Continue reading

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Mao: The Great Famine, The Great Leap Forward & The Demise of Sinic Civilization

The upheavals throughout the Near East have precedent in China.  If one should wish to study the impact that modernity has on archaic civilizations, you can study China throughout the 20th century, especially the rise and rule of Mao.  No … Continue reading

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Famine & Foreigners: Ethiopia & The Ravages Of Political Statecraft

Norman Borlaug won the Nobel Prize in his expertise in the biochemistry of farm grains, this prevented the growth of destructive fungi and other organisms that destroy grains and plants thus engendering the likelihood of famine.  But Dr. Borlaug was … Continue reading

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