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Policy Specifics: Deficit Reduction, The Cliff & More

Since everyone wants to sound like an expert, here’s the specifics on the illustrious Simpson-Bowels Commission. 1. Simpson-Bowles punted on entitlement reform, it refused to acknowledge the problem. Instead it pronounced in typical bi-partisan terms the ABSOLUTE NEED for NEW … Continue reading

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Raymond Aaron & The Fiscal Cliff

‘The Opium of the Intellectuals’ remains the finest work from Raymond Aron. In this work, Aron lays out the complete uselessness of the mythical authority that underwrites all social authorities, especially ones tied to centralizing tenants. Keynesian macroeconomics is no … Continue reading

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What Happened At The Fiscal Cliff

Ok, you’re sick of it.  So let me put it straight and simple.  What was agreed upon during the so called negotiation immediately before the ‘fiscal cliff’ was a tax increase disguised as tax reform. Try not to laugh.  Its … Continue reading

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How To Think About The Fiscal Cliff

Dr. Steve Conover has written for novices, overviews of how to think of the fiscal cliff.  He writes for The American Enterprise Institute’s public journal ‘The American’.  Chronicling his writings on fiscal and macroeconomics brings one to recognize the supremacy … Continue reading

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Leszek Balcerowicz: Adam Smith Meets Karol Wojtyla

Matthew Kaminski interviewed a Polish intellectual recently, a man who has few peers.  His name is Leszek Balcerowicz (pronounced Lay-zek Bal-zero-witz).  What he has to say is significant for it points the way toward recognizing how Keynesian thought is a … Continue reading

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