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The Arab Spring & Remembrance Of Things Past

The remembrance of things past is dominated by Proust, but cultures like China and its Confucian heritage along with Arabia and most of Africa still resolve themselves around a humanist grasp of memory. The ‘East’ is known as a land … Continue reading

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Fouad Ajami: Egypt & The Role Of Reversal In The Greater Near East

On July 22, 2010 I posted an essay surmising the near death and political paralysis of Egypt during the crisis that is Honsi Mubarak.  Other critical analysts are now weighing the future that is becoming of Egypt.  Faoud Ajami’s op-ed … Continue reading

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Geography, Child Rearing, Dominant Politics & Influences On Personality Development

The sad truth concerning most graduate study was the sheer limitedness, narrowness that comprises most disciplines, this is especially damaging for the humanities where a synoptic approach is most adequately required.  The arts have been displaced from their primacy since … Continue reading

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