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U.S. Foreign Policy in Far East

It isn’t hard to like much of what President Obama has accomplished throughout his presidency, his blatant disregard for previous policy architecture became evident relatively early in his presidency.  This outlook gained prominence in Asia, specifically the Far East and … Continue reading

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The Morality Of Political Realism: Fortitude For The American Imperium

What are we witnessing in the political and therefore spiritual morass that is a craven European Union, especially geopolitically and strategically?  “Idealism” is a tough sell in American Foreign Policy, but most often it has been alloyed to the social … Continue reading

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The Arab Awakening: American Leadership & The Irony Of Reversal

Ours is an age that would have sent Greeks to their Oracles! Witness American waver in a land embraced by a leader whose very identity is nominally informed from Arabia.  Given His place within the pantheon of American leadership after … Continue reading

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What Informes Obama’s Foreign Policy Strategy? A Look At The Dangers Of Idealist Rulers

Its not difficult to understand what informs the current Obama administration as it seeks to discover the ‘field of intelligibility’ in foreign affairs.  Obama see’s statecraft as a zero sum game.  He’s viewing the craft of power relations in a … Continue reading

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