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The Supremes, Gay Marriage & Christian Orthodoxy

The created order is foundational for Christian Orthodoxy; its the ground from which revelation must be understood.  The Incarnation alone proves that God meets humankind on an equal footing. The philosophical achievement that became the Reformation, the Renaissance and the … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage, Muslims, Polygamy & The Great Satan’s Charm

Ever since the Enlightenment, the West has tethered itself to the philosophical concept of the autonomy of reason.  Why is this significant?  Because the last few decades of the 20th century ushered in new forms of tyranny born from within … Continue reading

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How To Discern Gay Marriage

According to many State laws one has a right to marry; more properly understood as a dispensation given from the State for the purpose of fulfilling one’s humanity.  The language of such courts is very significant, for it reduces the … Continue reading

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